Weird Massages

Weird Massages

When trying to think of a topic to include in my blog, I thought of some of the weird massages I’ve given. There have been times when I’ve finished a massage and wondered “WTF just happened?” Now, to be honest these have been few and far between. Most of the Sydney home massages I’ve provided over the years have gone very smoothly.

But occasionally someone has some, what I would consider, unusual ideas about how the massage could proceed.

However, I have decided not to detail specific occasions because (a) what I consider weird others may consider normal and (b) it’s not my place to shame (even if society may consider the request to be weird). And so for this article will only talk in generic terms and not refer to specific examples (well apart from maybe the guy who’s wife was away and he invited me to watch porn DVDs with him – that was genuinely weird for me).

Instead I’m just going to use this article to ask that you be upfront about any specific requests you may have. Rather than springing on me your personal massage likes when I arrive or during the massage then please talk to me in advance.

Just ask – the worst that can happen is that I’ll say no.

There are many things that do not bother me. Just so long as they do not impact on safety (yours or mine) or challenge my professional standards.

But please note that there are a number of requests that people have made over the years that automatically will close down communication. Most these are associated with acts that professional therapists simply do not tolerate. The other instant no-no is to ask me to commit health fund fraud. I do not write receipts for people who have not been massaged, for example.

But if you want me to massage you in a specific room (or outside), use a particular favourite oil, have someone else present as it will make you feel comfortable, only take off very limited clothing, spend entire massage just working on one specific problem area, etc, then please just ask. Just don’t ask me if I want to watch naughty videos with you.

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