Funny Massage Story#1

Funny Massage Story#1

I’ve been a mobile therapist for quite a while and as a mobile therapist going into people’s homes things don’t necessarily go smoothly all the time. Pets, kids, visitors, distractions, tvs can all modify my ideal image of how a home massage should go.

Most of the time all is well in the land of the Sydney mobile massage client, they are happy and relaxed at the end of their massage. Most of the time all is well in the land of the Sydney mobile massage therapist and I am happy with the service that I have provided.

But occasionally things do not go quite as planned…. (& I’m not including the time when I arrived at client’s unit block for her to tell me that her lift was broken down…she was on the 8th floor…I felt like I was the one needing the massage after lugging my gear up the stairs).


This mobile massage story relates to one of the very first mobile massages I ever did. One afternoon I received a call from a guy in the Eastern Suburbs after a remedial massage and we arranged a time that worked for both of us. I arrived at the appointed time at the unit block and saw a guy unloading his shopping from a car which then drove away. The guy acknowledged me (he was my client) and we walked into the unit block up one flight of stairs to the door of his unit. At which point his face dropped as he realised that his girlfriend had driven away with his keys (this took place quite a while ago and mobile’s weren’t as ubiquitous).

I’d driven a fair way to be there so I wasn’t overly enamoured with having to turn around and drive home and this probably showed on my face (although these days would probably be more understanding that “hey, these things happen – c’est la vie”). He thought for a moment while we were in the stairwell for his unit block and then said “I’ve got an idea and disappeared down the stairs”. A minute later, the door for the neighbouring unit appeared and lo and behold, my client emerged. He’d climbed through an open window to gain access. He beckoned me and indicated that it would be fine to set up in his next-door neighbours lounge room.

“We’re in and out of each others place all the time” he added.

So, I set up and began the massage, albeit feeling a little odd massaging a guy who’s in effect broken into someone else’s unit. But what the heck, I’ve driven a while and would appreciate being paid for my time.

30 minutes into the massage and there’s the sound of keys in the door. In walks his neighbour.

And to this day I am still astounded by her reaction, or should I say, lack of reaction.

She just sat on the couch and started a conversation with her neighbour as though it was totally normally for her neighbour to be in a state of undress in her lounge receiving a massage from a stranger.

Still ranks as one of my more memorable mobile massage experiences.

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