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Remedial Massage
If you are suffering from aches, pains, stiffness or headaches caused by muscular tension then remedial massage can help. In Sydney Remedial massage can be considered as a generic phrase as there is not one specific type of remedial massage and any massage that provides "remedy" for the ailment can be considered to be a remedial massage.

Richard incorporates all his training within his intuitive remedial massage so a session could include some deep tissue massage, some myofascial release or some trigger point therapy depending on how the muscles and soft tissues of your body feel. Whilst some remedial massage can involve the use of greater force than a Swedish massage, Richard works within your pain tolerance levels with the emphasis being on improving muscle function without you feeling battered and bruised.

Sports Massage
Sports massage in Sydney can be applicable for anyone who exercises and participates in sports at any level. You do not have to be performing at a high level to benefit from sports soft tissue therapy.

Sports massage is not just relevant around competition time. It is relevant for performance maintenance, recovery from heavy training, injury recovery/prevention as well as pre- and post-event. The techniques and pressures used will be adapted to your personal circumstances and your particular activity.

Richard has trained and has experience in sports therapies. From 2012 he has worked regularly with GWS Giants AFL as part of a group of sports massage therapists. He can incorporate a range of techniques relevant to your requirements at whatever stage of training or competition you are at.

Deep Tissue Therapy
Most people who book in for a deep tissue massage in Sydney expect to receive a massage that is strong, focused and will cause them some degree of pain and discomfort. And whilst Richard can provide an intense strong massage, deep tissue bodywork is much more than this.

Strictly speaking, deep tissue massage is about working the deeper layers of muscles and soft tissue to enhance muscle function, improve posture and reduce pain. It is not (necessarily) about working with a lot of pressure. In order to reach the deeper layers of muscle then therapists need to cultivate a touch that can penetrate through superficial layers at that same time as working to release adhesions and restrictions at the deeper level.

Richard has trained with renown deep tissue teacher, Art Riggs, and works slowly within your pain tolerance level to provide you with more comfort and ease in your everyday life through effective deep tissue massage.

Although many people prefer a deep strong massage, there are many massage recipients who just like to relax and de-stress with a Swedish relaxation massage. Richard will adapt your massage depending on your particular needs at the time of the appointment.

Pregnancy Massage
There are significant benefits from having a massage at home. These advantages are amplified for women who are looking for pregnancy massage. When you are approaching full term, why would you consider driving to and from a clinic when you could experience great massage in your own home?

Whilst the majority of pregnancy massage therapists are female, many women who are after more of a remedial and therapeutic experience (rather than a nurturing massage) are indifferent to the gender of the therapist - they just want great massage.

Richard has trained and is experienced in pregnancy massage and is available 7 days a week (including evenings).

Please Note:
Richard does not use a 'pregnancy massage table" with a hole cut out for the belly - most professional pre-natal massage therapist do not recommend their use. He will massage you in the safe side-lying position using a pregnancy massage cushion.

Heartworks Lomi Lomi
Richard has trained in Lomi Lomi massage (not to be confused with Kahuna massage) but does not provide Lomi Lomi massage very often. If you are specifically looking for a Lomi Lomi practitioner then probably better to seek a more specialist therapist.

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