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For people who have had a lot of massage, it is common for them to want to feel pressure during their session and that the therapist is getting "stuck into" their muscles. They want a strong massage and not a skin-polish.

When they ring to schedule an appointment they will often request a booking with a therapist that offers deep tissue massage as they believe that this is the type of massage that they require.

Yet this is supposition that a strong massage is the same as a deep tissue massage is a myth, a myth that unfortunately is perpetrated by many massage therapists. Just because they are able to give a massage that is strong, they believe that they are qualified to provide a deep tissue massage.

Unfortunately because they have not received any formal training in deep tissue massage then they are as ill-informed as the clients who request a full body deep tissue massage without really knowing what they are booking.

Deep tissue massage is about working the deeper layers of the body and not just the superficial muscles. And to successfully perform a deep tissue massage, then often less pressure is more effective than strong pressure.

Deep Tissue Massage

To understand how this is the case then when a therapist goes in hard then the muscles often tense up and work against the hands, knuckles, thumbs or elbows. The body is virtually fighting against the therapist. It becomes virtually impossible for the therapist to work at any level other than superficial. In order to access the deep layers of soft tissue, then a therapist must apply pressure very slowly and work with the body, not against it. Working slowly allows the superficial layers to melt as the bodyworker palpates the muscles and tissues that they are aiming to reach.

Once at the deeper level, then a skilled therapist may increase the pressure which may be painful and intense but still a very different sensation to that of a therapist merely providing a strong massage. Deep tissue massage is appropriate for virtually all areas of the body and, for example, abdominal massage can be particularly effective for some people.

Richard is a Sydney male massage therapist and has had formal training in deep tissue massage in Sydney and will often incorporate such techniques within a remedial massage. His approach is suitable for female and male clients. He can also offer the strong massage that people are really requesting when they refer to deep tissue massage.

Because genuine deep tissue bodywork is carried out at a slow and thorough pace then it is simply not possible to execute a full body deep tissue massage within a one hour session. In the past, Richard has performed full body deep tissue massages that last over two and a half hours. If you would like any more information then please call Richard on 0434 631 987.