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Remedial massage is probably the most popular therapeutic massage service offered in Sydney because firstly most people who are seeking massage therapy are looking for pain relief or improved function and secondly, for those covered by health funds, they can get a rebate if the appointment is with an accredited therapist.

Richard has been providing a mobile remedial massage service in Sydney for over ten years and is registered with all health funds as a provider of remedial massage. By booking with a therapist that is a health fund provider then you can be assured that you are receiving bodywork from a trained and accredited therapist. However, unfortunately most health funds do not recognise mobile massage as being eligible for a rebate - please talk to your health fund if you require more information.

Why Remedial Massage?

Many of us suffer from pain. This pain can be the result of an acute injury or it can be long term chronic pain. Remedial massage can be an effective therapy for addressing soft tissue soreness and improving joint mobility. Whether you are suffering from a sore lower back, a stiff neck, headaches, shoulder pain (including frozen shoulder), tennis elbow, sciatica or any number of other conditions and symptoms then effective remedial therapy can help.

Remedial Massage

What to Expect from a Remedial Massage with Richard

A remedial massage session will differ greatly between therapists. Remedial massage tends to be a blanket catch-all phrase encompassing a wide range of techniques and modalities. The strokes, the massage tools used and the pressures used by different therapists will all be different. The point of commonality between remedial massage therapists is that they are attempting to 'remedy' the client's pain and discomfort.

Richard incorporates various aspects of his training within a remedial massage session. Much of his work uses deep tissue massage along with trigger point therapy as the basis with long and slow strokes used to encourage both muscle elongation and muscle relaxation. His massage can be intense, concentrated and powerful but that does not automatically equate to the massage being excessively painful. Some 'good' relieving pain may be experienced but the pain should never be so much as to be unpleasant and uncomfortable. The pressure will be adjusted to cater for your preferences.

Yet whilst a remedial massage with Richard can be an intense experience, his intent is such that it is also relaxing as well. Often taking away a layer of stress can reduce pain and discomfort as effectively as detailed focus soft tissue bodywork. By working with a slow, focused yet flowing approach, the nervous system can be calmed and deep relaxation achieved.

Remedial Massage or Physiotherapy?

There is a cross-over between the work of remedial massage therapists and physiotherapists and you may be unsure which therapy would be the most suitable for you. Both can work muscles and other soft tissues. Both may be able to address your pain and discomfort, depending on your particular condition.

A session with a massage therapist will involve just hands on work (which for some people is an advantage). A physiotherapy treatment may incorporate some hands on work but will also involve other treatments, such as the use of TENS devices or ultrasound machines and some self-directed stretching/exercises. A physiotherapist may be dealing with more than one client at a time whereas when you are with a masseur then you will have their undivided attention.

Probably the most significant difference is that if you need to have your pain or condition formally diagnosed then you should consult a physiotherapist as massage therapists are not permitted to diagnose (although they can give direction and suggestions that may aid your healing). However, most physiotherapists would not offer a mobile service and for many people, a home remedial massage service is far more effective for them than having to make a booking at a physiotherapy clinic.

For more information about the services offered by Richard Lane or to make a booking then please feel free to call him on 0434 631 987. If you require specific information about how much health fund rebate you would receive for a remedial massage then it is recommended that you contact your health fund directly as the policies of the health funds vary considerably.