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"About 2 years ago I moved to Sydney and was struggling to find a good massage therapist. A friend recommended Richard and he's been my therapist ever since. He is a fantastic MT, with the knowledge and versatility to address whatever concerns I'm having. Whether it's an injury due to training or a preventative massage, he can deliver on what's needed. The added bonus is that he is mobile and will come right to your home. This for me is amazing, as it's a time saver and also a more relaxing experience. I would definitely recommend Richard for any MT needs. "

Jaime, Pyrmont

"I discovered Richard's mobile service in August 2012, when I was looking for a remedial massage therapist after experiencing long term back pain. The added bonus of someone coming to my home was that I could save time in travel, but even more importantly get lasting benefits from the treatment, relaxed at home rather than getting back in to my car and driving through Sydney traffic.
I had some initial concerns about how comfortable I would feel, but Richard is nothing but professional in his demeanour and I have felt safe and well looked after.
I now see Richard on a regular basis as part of my health care regime. My back issues have almost resolved but I have found that the regular benefits of appropriate massage in the hands of a discerning professional are amazing.
The online booking system is also fantastic and incredibly efficient.
I have recommended Richard to several friends and they too have found his services exceptional.'

Heather, Concord

"I had a pregnancy massage with Richard and it was honestly the best one I have received. Most therapists who give pregnancy massages tend to only give you a relaxation massage and don't exert enough pressure to relieve your aches and pains. After Richard's massage all my knots and tension spots were released and I could have slept blissfully for hours after! My husband also had a remedial/sports massage which he said was just as good. Richard is very professional and great at what he does. After experiencing all the advantages of an "at home" massage, I don't think I will be returning to a traditional "clinic" any time soon! ""

Alissa, Leichhardt

"Richard has been my therapist since 2008. His technique, advice, professionalism and level of care gives me a sense of confidence and trust. I hate to say this but the fact that you can get hold of Richard when you need it, is godsent. Not having to jar your senses and jump in a car after a treatment is a major plus too. Since engaging Richard, i have not gone to any clinics and have even found that the massages that i receive on holidays, were sorely lacking, no pun intended. "

Sue, Lilyfield

"Richard is a great massage therapist. Apart from the fact that he loosens what ever is tight and eases whatever is sore, he always seems to be improving his skills and knowledge and sharing that with others through his newsletters and website. He will get at the problems behind the symptoms which keeps me healthy for longer. As someone with experience and univerity training in Sports Coaching and Science I really appreaciate his expertise. His service is not only very professional and flexible, at very reasonal prices, it is personal too. "

Matt, Summer Hill

"Richard has a wonderful calm energy and does not 'take up space' in fact he created a lovely space to relax and float into the massage. I recommend him highly. When I met him I had just been in a car accident and sustained a broken foot. He was able to help me get much needed muscle relief."

Julia, Leichhardt

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