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Although we are all affected by stresses and strains, aches and pains in our body, pregnancy must be the most challenging time for anyone. Not only is the pregnant body having to deal with the extra weight and shift of centre of gravity but hormonal changes add an extra level of stress for women to deal with. No wonder that many women seek relief for their pain and discomfort when they are expecting in the form of pregnancy massage.

Why Sydney Mobile Pregnancy Massage?

Picture that your therapist has performed great bodywork on your sore and tender body and you feel great. Which would you rather do, have to squeeze your extra sized body back into your car and then drive home in Sydney traffic or just be able to climb off the massage table and relax in your own home?

Having the therapist visit you just seems to make more sense.

Why Richard for Pregnancy Massage?

The vast majority of pre-natal massage therapists in Sydney are female. Many women would just prefer to receive treatment during pregnancy from a female. They believe that a woman would be more sensitive to their needs and requirements at this time and they may also be a little self-conscious about their body.

However, many women also want quality pregnancy massage that gets into the muscles and soft tissues, providing them with the relief from pain they are looking for. Regardless of being pregnant they still want effective deep tissue therapy and the gender of the therapist is irrelevant.

Sydney Pregnancy Massage

Many expectant mothers do not want a soft nurturing massage that maybe feels relaxing but ultimately makes no difference to how they feel 30 minutes after the massage. They expect remedial therapy that will make a difference to the way the feels in the days after the session. Richard provides excellent maternity massage that is effective whilst being sensitive to your needs and condition.

In addition, his pregnancy mobile massage service comes risk free with this unconditional guarantee. If you are not happy in any way with the massage you receive, then there is no charge. You do not even have to explain why you were dissatisfied. If you are ringing around other therapists, ask them if they have the confidence in their service that they can match this guarantee and if not, why not?

Pregnancy Massage Review

Does Richard use a Pregnancy Massage Table?

If you think that you would like to have a massage on a table with a hole cut out for your abdomen then you will need to book elsewhere.

Whilst there are therapists who are comfortable using such tables, many therapists (Richard included) consider that they are not the safest to use during pregnancy as they can placed a lot of strain on the lower back (in particular, the lumbar ligaments).

Once your abdomen has reached a size that you are not comfortable to lie on your stomach then Richard will massage you in a side-lying position, using a pregnancy massage bolster and pillows. It is a relaxing and secure position for you to be in during a session. An example of the type of cushion Richard uses is shown here.

Pregnancy Massage Cushion

Are there times during pregnancy that you shouldn't get a massage?

The direct answer to this question is a resounding no from the first trimester right through to full term, subject to you being in good health with no pregnancy massage contraindications such as your pregnancy having been diagnosed as high risk or you are experiencing bleeding or spotting, abdominal cramps or the like.

There are some therapists who will not massage during the first trimester. This is a personal choice of the therapist and their reasons are not based on scientific evidence. So long as you do not have a history of miscarriage, then Richard will provide you with massage during your first trimester. Check out this article on massage and the first trimester for more information.

If you have any concerns or doubts whether a massage is appropriate for you then it is suggested that you talk to your doctor prior to making a booking with Richard. When discussing the appropriateness or otherwise, then please stress to your doctor that Richard is trained and experienced in pregnancy massage and would not be performing any massage strokes or techniques that would put you or your baby's health at risk.