What Type of Massage Should I Book?

Often people who have had not massage are a little confused about what type of massage they should be receiving. They may have friends who swear by deep tissue massage or others who recommend trigger point therapy. Health funds only pay rebates on remedial massage so it appears as though that health funds only consider that remedial massage offer benefits for their clients.

Others may try to put them off having a massage altogether by describing how they visited the cheap massage shop at a Westfield mall for a remedial massage and were in much more pain after the massage than they were when they went in and a common complaint is that the therapist just works deeply and painfully without any regard for their pain tolerance. Others have had the opposite experience when they spent the whole massage just wishing that the therapist would use more pressure and stop just 'tickling' them. Even when they request more pressure from the therapist, they may get a little deeper massage for a couple of minutes but then it reverts back to the original skin polishing.

When you make a booking with an experienced and flexible therapist such as Richard then these issues should not apply. Richard will adapt the massage, the pressure and his approach to satisfy your specific requirements for the session. He will incorporate various massage techniques and strokes to achieve your goals whilst working within your pain tolerance levels. Whether you are after a relaxation massage with a little bit of focused bodywork or a deep tissue/sports massage yet still be able to relax, then Richard will be able to customise the session so that you will be content.

During the intake, Richard will talk to you about your general health and any specific issues that you may have. He will also ensure that he understands what you are looking for from the massage. Is your priority to reduce a specific pain or tension, for example lower back pain or a sore neck? Is it to help you recover from intense sporting activity or do you just want to relax and de-stress?

If you have had a fair amount of massage before then the odds are that you will know what works for you (and as importantly, what doesn't work). It may be that you like deep pressure for specific areas but less in others or perhaps you prefer long flowing strokes rather than more focused pressure point work. If this is the case then please let him know. If there are areas that you know require more or less attention then again if you can communicate that prior to the massage then that will ensure that your session will be as beneficial as possible for you.

Please be aware that I do not satisfy your goals or meet your expectations in any way then I provide an unconditional guarantee - click here for more information.

If you require any more information or wish to make a booking then please call me on 0434 631 987.

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