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Booking a massage just based on information and reviews from a website is potentially risky. Anyone can say anything about the massage services they provide and inflate how good they actually are. Many massage therapy websites put forward bold claims that they are Sydney’s best massage therapist or that they are the premier Sydney home massage service. Personally, I tend to take such over-blow statements with a grain of salt.

And because of this I never make such brash claims about my Sydney mobile massage service.

However, I am confident enough in my skills, training and experience to offer you an unconditional guarantee that means that making a massage booking with me completely and unconditionally risk-free for you. Obviously I would like to bring up any issues during the session as it is your massage but whether you do or not is up to you.

If you are in any way not completely satisfied with a mobile massage you receive from me then there is no charge


You do not even have to tell me why you are not happy with my service - this guarantee is completely unconditional.

I’m not so sure that those therapists claiming to be the best massage therapists in Sydney have the same level of confidence in their abilities and their service to offer such a guarantee - maybe you should ask them if they are prepared to match my guarantee.

Now there are some clinics and therapists that offer you a free follow-up massage if you are not happy but this means that you still have to pay for one massage (and have receive a second massage even if you do not particularly want to).

If a therapist is charging a premium price for a massage, then why should you be the one who is carrying the risk of not getting the quality massage that you are after.

If you are not happy then your massage is free

If you require any more information or wish to make a booking then please call me on 0434 631 987.

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