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The approach of most conventional remedial massage therapists is to attempt to restore the normal function when someone is in pain or injured. However, in sport there is no 'normal' and active competitive athletes are always looking to improve their performance to gain a competitive advantage. For this reason, many look to physical therapy and sports massage in Sydney to help them achieve their goals.

A Sports Massage therapist has vast opportunity to assist an athlete to become fitter, faster or stronger. In striving to improve performance, an athlete will systematically over time increase the amount (or intensity) of training they do in order to increase the load of the body. In effect they are attempting to overload the body in a controlled approach. However, this overuse can often create imbalances and problems in the soft tissues, which if ignored may become chronic.

Effective sports massage can help not only the physiological performance of the body but also the psychological. It can aid with injury management, injury prevention and also with recovery from intense exercise or competition.

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Why Richard for Sports Massage?

Richard Lane has trained and qualified in sports massage and has a Diploma of Sports Therapies from Nature Care college in Sydney and has been working as a massage therapist since 2001.

His approach to sports massage is to incorporate many aspects of his training and experience so that a typical session may include remedial techniques, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, etc with his objective being to ensure that you get the massage you want. Although a normal sports massage him may incorporate some deeper work that may be painful, this does not mean that a sports massage cannot be relaxing as well.

Sydney Sports Massage

If you require any more information about Richard's services then please do not hesitate to contact him on 0434 631 987. He is available seven days a week and is a registered provider with many health funds for remedial massage but unfortunately only a couple of funds will pay rebates for a home massage.