Home Massage Sydney – 7 Days

Home Massage Sydney – 7 Days

The option of having a therapist come to you to provide a home massage Sydney has become increasingly popular and accessible over the past few years. There are more therapists and companies providing remedial, sports and therapeutic offering mobile massage Sydney services. However, with the increasing options then it becomes more important to understand your own specific requirements so that you can receive the best possible massage.

There is a frequently used marketing adage that when wanting to purchase a specific service then if cost, quality and timing are the important considerations, you are allowed to choose two. If you want a cheap quality massage then it won’t be quick; if you want a quick quality massage then it won’t be cheap and if you want a cheap quick massage then it won’t be of good quality.

The reality is though, that the changes in the supply of Sydney home massages in recent years have lead to a situation where you can expect reasonably priced, quality massage delivered in a timely fashion.

Which is fantastic for those looking to book home massage in Sydney.

It is possible to go online and book a massage with someone able to come and see you within an hour or two.

Richard Lane Home Massage Sydney

I have been a full time mobile massage therapist in Sydney for over 10 years. My main service area is around the Inner West/Sydney CBD but I also travel west to around Parramatta, north to Chatswood and also to the Eastern Suburbs. I am trained in a number of different massage modalities although the reality is that most of my sessions would probably be described as remedial/sports/deep tissue.

As at January 2022 then my rate for a one hour massage within my service area is $120 (+ any parking costs). Current rate for home massage Sydney are listed here. If you live outside suburbs I normally visit and are looking for home massage near me then please call me on 0434 631 987 to discuss whether a booking may be possible.

As a sole operator, with respect to price/quality/availability then I can control price and quality. However, sometimes my availability may be constrained depending on bookings. However, it is possible to check when I might next be able to travel to you via my online booking diary – click here to check my real-time availability. (Just click on the “Book” button – select length of session you may want and the diary will show when I am available)

Alternatively if you would like more information or to discuss a specific home massage Sydney booking then please call me on 0434 631 987.

Home Massage Sydney

Advantages of Home Massage Sydney

The fact that you are on this page means that it is likely that you understand the benefits of having a quality mobile massage therapist visit your home. You choose the time; you choose the location and the environment. The stress of having to deal with Sydney traffic lies solely with the therapist.

And if you are time poor then a mobile massage Sydney may be your only option to get the massage you need …..& even if you are not particularly time poor, then it is much more time efficient anyway.

At the end of the massage, all you have to do is throw on a robe and you can immediately relax in your own home. No need to have to get dressed while still having massage oil on your skin and then driving home to undo the good work of the therapist.

Although I am a little biased, the cost of having a home massage Sydney is not much different that seeing an equivalent therapist in a clinic. Yes it is more expensive than seeing an untrained therapist in a booth at your local shopping centre but when you compare like with like, then a Sydney mobile massage is cost effective.

And if you opt for appointments longer than one hour or two people have a massage in the same location, one after the other, then the cost/hour is lower as the therapist travel time and cost is a fixed cost.

Disadvantage of Home Massage Sydney

Whilst there are many advantages of having a massage at home, for completeness then I think it is important to realise that a home massage Sydney may not be suitable for everyone.

And so it is important to understand your own particular circumstances before making a booking.

For example, will you be able to relax with a stranger in your home? Maybe there will be other people or pets around that mean that there will be distractions while you are on the table. Also, space considerations may impact on the therapists ability to provide the quality massage you are looking for. You may like particular add-ons that clinics and spas offer such as hot towels and hot stones that are just not an option for a travelling therapist to provide.

Another factor that may be a consideration is that the vast majority of health funds do not recognise home massage Sydney as being eligible for a rebate for remedial massage. For accredited therapists such as myself, it is a huge source of frustration that if I provide a remedial service in a clinic then clients can claim but they are not able to do so for the same massage given to them at home.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 0434 631 987 if you would like any more information regarding home massage Sydney. My services are available 7 days a week from morning through to later evening.

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