You know you’re a massage therapist when…

You know you’re a massage therapist when…

You know you’re a massage therapist when….

  • Everyone wants a massage when you go to a barbie
  • Finding towels to mop up floods and leaks is no problem
  • Having bad breathe is your worst nightmare
  • Needing to protect your hands gets you out of doing gardening or manual labour
  • People will highlight their life story in 60 minutes
  • Wearing jewellery is a thing of the past
  • When your dog sits on your lap and demands a shoulder massage
  • Whenever someone finds out what you do for a living they will point out all their aches and pains
  • You are constantly checking out people’s posture
  • You ask for massage dvds for birthday presents
  • You can’t give someone a hug without palpating their muscles
  • You can’t open packages and parcels because you have no finger nails
  • You can’t relax when you are having a massage because you are too much in your mind, assessing what the therapist is doing and why
  • You car has smudges on the window because no matter how well you wash your hands and arms, there’s always a little residual oil
  • You consider that people snoring (or farting) is a compliment
  • You constantly smell fragrant
  • You do postural assessment of politicians on TV
  • You equate the price of an item in terms of how many massages it will take you to pay for it
  • You fold towels in your sleep
  • You get excited about a towel sale
  • You have nail files everywhere
  • You have no nails (or growing them on holiday is a treat)
  • You love/hate Enya (delete as appropriate)
  • You recognise people better from behind
  • You use words such a gluteal, fascia, coccyx when you play Scrabble
  • Your kids jump in when someone calls you a “masseuse”
  • You’ve been tempted more than once to tell someone that you didn’t recognise them with their clothes on
  • Feel free to add any more in the comments below!

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