Abdominal Massage for Improved Health

Abdominal Massage for Improved Health

Many people who have regular massage have never been offered abdominal massage. Many would never consider having a stomach massage.  It is a personal space that we are not used to having touched. Others who have experienced abdominal massage Sydney would never consider seeing a therapist who didn’t provide the service.  Too not provide tummy massage would be a deal breaker.

Many therapists shy away from offering/including abdominal massage as they may not have been trained, they may feel uncomfortable or simply because clients don’t ask for it.  If you like to have your stomach included in your massage (or you’ve never experienced abdominal massage near me previously and would like to try) then please give me a call on 0434 631 987.  We can discuss your specific requirements.

For discussion regarding abdominal massage for fertility then please check out this article.

Benefits of Abdominal Massage

Whilst there are many claims made about the specific potential health benefits of abdominal massage, the reality is that most claims are not strongly supported by any evidence other than anecdotal. More general claims around positive impacts on mental, physical and social wellbeing probably have some degree of substance.

And like with all massage treatments, if it feels good then it is almost certainly doing you good.

Most advocates of stomach massage promote that it aids and supports the digestive system, in particular, that it reduces the symptoms/impact of constipation. Research studies investigating such hypotheses have provided mixed findings. Although some studies have shown that abdominal massage may reduce the impact of constipation with increased/more frequent bowel movements, the results are far from universal. More research is needed to ascertain the validity of these claims.

The impact of massage on menstrual cramping and period pain is likely to be a real benefit for some women. Providing heat and soothing touch is a recognised go-to treatment for some women to provide relief during the most challenging time of the cycle. Although for some women the thought of having their stomach massaged at such time may have the absolute opposite impact. The addition of specific essential oils are usually promoted in order to enhance a treatment although there are many who are sceptical that such oils are necessary.

Other potential direct benefits of abdominal massage that have been promoted include:

reduced bloating

weight loss aid

strengthening and toning abdominal muscles

increased blood flow to the stomach and other organs

In a recent YouTube Video, Ian Harvey aka “The Massage Sloth” suggests that effective abdominal massage can be a great way to calm and relax the nervous system.

He argues that abdominal massage interacts with the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system. In fact, abdominal massage is the easiest way to interact with the parasympathetic nervous system in clients, control stress levels and influence the digestive system.

Harvey recommends to therapists that if a client presents with anxiety and/or stress then they should ask “do you want abdominal massage?” because they will find it profoundly relaxing.

The interaction with the vagus nerve may be particularly relevant. The vagus nerve runs down from the back of the neck, in front of your throat, into your heart, into your lungs and into your abdomen. This nerve sends signals to the heart, lungs and viscera but also receives feedback information, “it listens”. Massage therapists can activate with the vagus nerve by massage and touch in the abdominal area in a safe and comfortable way.

If you are looking for an abdominal massage near me service then what could be better than having a massage in your own home. Give me a call on 0434 631 987 and we can have a chat regarding your particular needs.

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