“Unusual Requests”

“Unusual Requests”

The vast majority of the massage bookings I have taken are just from “normal” people after a “normal” massage. Occasionally people will have specific requests such as “will you massage my abdomen” within the session or “do you mind if you spend 1/2 the time working on my feet”. Whilst these may not be the norm there is nothing particularly untoward about such requests.
However over the years there have been multiple requests for Sydney mobile massage services that would fall definitely fall into the category of an “unusual requests”. I wish I had written them all down but here are a few of the doozies that I can remember.

Guy asked me what I would be wearing for his massage. The reason for his question was that “it’s just that I’d feel more comfortable if the masseur had what I had on” (ie nothing).

Sorry dude, not happening….

“I need attention to both legs from my knees to my feet but excluding feet”.
Okaaay so you want me to massage your calf muscles then…..

Female caller….”my friend would like a yoni massage, can I watch?”

This is most often the domain of the male caller asking to book a massage for his wife or partner. To be honest I’m not totally sure that I understand the attraction of watching your wife receiving intimate massage at the hands of a stranger. But that seems almost normal compared with wanting to watch your friend get her rocks off…..that’s weird…just weird.

(just want to clarify that if you are after a Yoni massage then it is out of my scope)

“My wife is a subservient and I would like her to experience a dominating massage from a man”

and along the same lines this email enquiry was submitted to me;

“I’d like to know about getting you to massage my wife. I notice you provide different sorts of massages like Swedish etc. I actually would like to know which massage would be the most erotic for her to experience? The thing is though, she would be appalled to know that I’d hire a masseur to do wicked things with her. Also, would she have to be totally naked? Because I’d like that.” (you can almost picture him rubbing his hands together with a leery grin on his face as he says that)

errrr, excuse me….ever heard of the word “consent”. To be honest, the minute a guy rings and asks about a massage for his wife then I’m instantly wary. If he’s trying to doing something nice for her because of the stresses of life, aches and pains, the challenges of being a mum, etc then great and it can be a lovely gesture. But if there is an inkling that it is more about him than her then that’s an instant red flag for me.

There have been plenty of other less weird but nonetheless unusual request examples, often involving such aspects of massage as draping (“can I be undraped?”) or the inclusion of specific body parts along the lines of “I need you to give me a breast massage” or “I will need you to focus on my adductors/groin” which if that is the sole reason for you seeking a massage with me then, sorry, I’m not the right one for you.
I’ll try and think of some more to add to this list (or update as and when new ones pop-up).

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