Fertility Massage Sydney

Fertility Massage Sydney

Many infertile couples look towards natural health as an aid to facilitate conception. Supplements, life-style and massage are often considered in their attempts to fall pregnant. This frequently occers after IVF type treatments have failed or because the couple just doesn’t want to go down the IVF path. And if you search on Google for fertility massage in your home town or suburb then chances are that you will find a therapist who is advertising that they provide fertility massage in Sydney.

Often the fertility massage therapists will make claims that they have helped countless number of women in their endeavours to conceive. They may describe a particular routine and recommend some self massaging techniques that will increase fertility (which may or may not include the male partner). They will also suggest that they can help with menstrual cycles along with modifying their approaches during pre-ovulation and post-ovulation.

Testimonials will suggest along the lines of

“I have been trying to fall pregnant for x years with no success despite x IVF cycles. After 5 sessions with fertility massage specialist then joy oh joy as I became pregnant naturally”

These are always wonderful and heart warming stories and great for both the mum-to-be and practitioner.

Unfortunately though there is no science to back up the claims made by fertility massage practitioners. Specific massage techniques (eg Maya Abdominal Massage) for the abdomen and pelvic area “to increase blood flow and flush away toxins” have no or minimal scientific basis. There have been no peer reviewed research studies that have shown that there is a causal correlation between massage (or a particular massage modality) and fertility.

Just because a woman falls pregnant whilst consulting a fertility massage therapist does not mean that the massage is the cause. And the confirmation bias of the therapist ignores the many couples who fail to conceive as a result of the massage intervention.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with promoting massage to couples to offset the tremendous stresses often associated with trying to conceive. And it is probably safe to say that high levels of stress may be a factor with infertility (although the high stress can often be a result of the infertility). But, sorry, I am not a fan of therapists who promote that their fertility massages will increase the chances of conception.

Offering massage for relaxation purposes – all fine.

Suggesting that massage will increase fertility and increase the chances of conception – questionable.

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