Full Body Massage Sydney

Full Body Massage Sydney

A phrase that is frequently used within the massage industry
by therapists and clients in Sydney and elsewhere is a “full body massage”. 

And, in my experience, it is not uncommon for someone to
call from Sydney and specifically request such a full body massage.

Despite the widespread use of the phrase there is a degree
of confusion about what a full body massage actually consists of.   What I
would consider to be a full body massage may very not be the same as you or
another Sydney massage therapist.  And so,
if you are after what you would consider to be one then I would suggest that you
explain what you are looking for from your massage when you call a therapist to
inquire about making a booking.

One point of consensus, I would suggest, is that a full body
massage would only ever be a relaxation or Swedish massage, almost always with
oil or lotion on bare skin.  Within the
normal time constraints of a massage booking, then there simply is not enough
time to perform a full body remedial massage (+ I would argue that the phrase “full
body remedial massage” is almost an oxymoron – for a remedial massage then the
therapist concentrates on specific areas of concern for the client; a full body
session would treat all parts to be massaged equally in terms of importance).  However, that does not mean that the massage
necessarily has to be light – occasionally I given 3-hour bookings for full
body deep tissue type sessions.

If you were to make a booking for a full body massage with
me then typically, I would include within a session the following

  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Arms/Hands
  • Neck
  • Legs (front and back)
  • Feet

Before a session with me then, if you have booked for a full
body massage then I will ask if there are any other areas that you would like
to be incorporated.  These (potentially
more sensitive/personal) areas may include hips, buttocks, chest, abdomen,
face/head, etc and I would ask you to speak up prior to the session.  For example, I often enjoy abdominal massage,
but I wouldn’t automatically expect my stomach to be touched unless I
specifically request it my therapist.

It does need said that there are some areas of the body that,
obviously, a professional massage therapist will never expose nor massage.  Please respect professional massage therapists’

If you have any questions about a full body massage with me then please do not hesitate to call, text or use the contact form.  Bookings are available either by calling 0434 631 987 or using the real-time online booking system

Please do not hesitate to contact Richard if you have any questions to any information presented on this blog.
Any information, advice, recommendations, statements or otherwise contained herein, or in any other communication made by or attributed to Richard Lane, whether oral or in writing, is not intended to replace or to be a substitute for medical advice trained by a trained physician or healthcare practitioner.

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