Surprise Massage – Part 2

Surprise Massage – Part 2

I recently wrote a post about how I’m not a great lover of turning up to provide a surprise massage to an unsuspecting recipient, There is an inherent risk that the person may not be as receptive to receiving a massage as the person booking the massage might have anticipated. However, I will recount a situation where a surpise massage did work.

The unsuspecting “victim” of the surprise massage in this case was actually a massage therapist. Their partner had felt that they were working too hard and not looking after themselves sufficiently. So a plan was set that I would arrive at the clinic on the pre-text of being a client but the (massage) tables would be turned as I was the one giving the massage and they were to be the client.

All went well with the session and after the initial surprise then the therapist was happy to jump onto their table and (hopefully) benefit and enjoy the massage that I gave them.


Now the main point of this post is that occasionally I will be driving up to a clients house and wondering whether there would be a time when the tables would be turned on me. Instead of me giving the massage then I would be the one on the receiving end and benefitting.
If you are an accredited massage therapist and ever want to have a body on your table then please feel free to indulge me and book a massage with me for yourself but you will actually give me a massage. Given that I’d be driving to you then I would be paying you at say $80 for a one hour massage.

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