TMJ Massage

TMJ Massage

A significant number of people suffer from TMJ issues and massage can reportedly help in some cases.  Whilst I have some experience with relieving jaw pain through (trigger point) massage of the major jaws muscles such as the masseter, I do not claim to be an expert as such.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to email or phone me on 0434 631 987.

The information on this page is primarily reviews of online TMJ massage videos for my personal reference although if there are any techniques shown that you would like me to include within a massage then please do not hesitate to ask.

Massage Sloth – Massage Tutorial: Myofascial release for TMJ/jaw pain

1.00 Review of anatomy/movement
2.40 Function of myofascial release – reduce the tension across the joint so that articular disc can function as it is supposed to.
3.00 Muscles under review – masseter- lumpy bumpy muscle. Temporalis. Pterygoid (normally would require inter-oral massage)
5.00 Anatomy review/palpation on client.
With TMJ client – start on jaw so hands are clean.
6.30 Fascial release on masseter – very slow stroke. Headaches in temporalis region may well be related to jaw pain/dysfunction. Work more posterially when you get into temporalis region and then work fascia of skull.
10.30 Second pass get client recruitment by small opening and closing of jaw.
15.00 Downward stroke down masseter (client jaw hanging) and stroke temporalis.
17.00 SCM trigger points can lead to tension at mandible. Back/neck tightness can lead to jaw dysfunction. Jaw dysfunction can lead to back/neck tightness.
19.15 Maybe there is too much information about stretching jaw muscles. With myofascial release there may be less need to stretch. Also minimise unnecessary jaw movements.

Erik Dalton – Simple Technique for Treating TMJ and Jaw Pain

0.38 Jaw retrusion description
1.45 Technique for reducing jaw retrustion (inter-oral – gloves required). Start external – push jaw down of condyles.
2.50 Work temporalis attachment
3.25 Mobilisation of jaw technique (not sure about this).
4.00 Interoral – masseter.
4.45 “Simple effective technique” for lifting up jaw – nb don’t pull plates out. (incomplete as video finishes).

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