Snapping Hip Syndrome Rehab

Snapping Hip Syndrome Rehab

Please note that this page is mainly for my personal reference. My notes from viewing YouTube video “Snapping Hip Syndrome Rehab”

Why does my hip snap? Snapping hip syndrome sensation felt on the font or side of the hip that occurs with various motions – can be painful or painless – can be associated with a loud noise through to no noise.

External snapping hip is associated either ITB or gluteus maximus moving over the greater trochanter. Can be felt during side lying hip flexion and extension or during a single leg activity such as a single-leg deadlift.

Internal snapping (or dancers hip) refers to the iliopsoas tendon snapping over the head of the femur (or the iliopectineal eminence – bone on front of ilium).

Typically snapping is nothing to worry about and it is not predictive of future issues. It is a normal variant.

Cause has been attributed to a lack of flexibility or a lack of strength. Both are a complete over-simplification.

However if snapping is associated with pain then there are exercises that may help. Aim is to reduce symptoms and improve function as there is no guarantee that the snapping will ever go away.


Modify aggravating activities (either intensity, complexity or time) to reduce volume

Aiming to find tolerable starting point for tissues involved and then gradually increase load from there – similar to the treatment for an irritated tendon.

For internal snapping aim is to train the hip flexors through the maximum range of motion that does not aggravate symptoms. Exercises are: supine hip flexion, standing hip flexion and straight leg raise.

External snapping then main goal should be to challenge the glut muscles in different positions. Options are: split squats, single leg hip thrust, single leg deadlift. Can explore various ranges of motion.

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