Obturator Nerve Assessment Test

Obturator Nerve Assessment Test

Seated on corner of massage table with legs slightly splayed. Slump with hands behind back and bend forward with neck flexed, slight over pressure on head. Pull affected leg out to increase abduction. If abductors are tight then let head come up – if pain goes away then more likely to be nerve involvement. To stretch nerve then let head come up slightly and when client flexes head move leg in when head goes up then stretch leg out.

2.00 assessing obturator nerve/adductors.
2.45 Obturator nerve flossing. Arms behind, chin down. Move leg out whilst client looks up to allow the nerve the slide gently.
4.15 Oburator nerve tensioning. Stretch the nerve in two directions. Hands behind back – opposite movement though. Chin goes down as leg goes out. Head up leg in. More aggressive so only do it after tried nerve flossing for couple of weeks.

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