Funny Massage Story #3

Funny Massage Story #3

Just a short story this time. Received booking from a wife as a surprise for her husband as he had been working hard and was generally fairly stressed. The appointment was scheduled for 8pm on a Sunday night.

I arrive and knock at the designated time and hubbie answers the door in a dressing gown.

And a very crest fallen look on his face.

Turns out his wife had put the kids to bed early and told him to go and have a shower and hadn’t told him that he’d be having a mobile massage. He had very different expectations of how the evening was going to pan out.

Once he’d recovered from the initial disappointment he was cool and could laugh about his misinterpretation. I suspect he really needed the downtime to distress as he was asleep on the table within about 10 minutes of the massage starting and was very relaxed at the end of the session.

No idea how the rest of his evening went!

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