What you need to know about a therapist before booking a home massage.

What you need to know about a therapist before booking a home massage.

If you have never had a home massage before or just had a few and unsure about the etiquette then you may be a little nervous about making a booking. Inviting a stranger into your home to give you a massage is a big commitment and if you are making a booking based on information from a website then it does pay to make sure that you will be comfortable prior to committing to a booking.
Whilst I endeavour to make sure that the information presented on www.richardlanemassage.com.au provides as complete information as possible, occasionally someone will call up and the hesistancy and apprehension in their voice is palpable. They need a massage, they need one soon but they are just not sure that they are prepared to let a stranger into their home.
I understand and totally get that – even more so for females calling up inviting a male massage therapist to come into their home.

Questions I would be asking if I were to be thinking about booking a mobile massage
1. What and where have you trained and what are your qualifications?
Pretty obvious although in my experience people tend to ask about price first which, whilst obviously a relevant factor when it comes to booking, is less important in my opinion than knowing something about the skills/experience/training of the therapist that would be massaging me.
Some information regarding my training and experience is available at www.richardlanemassage.com.au/about.php

2. Professional accreditation. Which association are you registered with? Can you provide me with a membership number of proof of association membership?
If they are not registered then to me that would be abig red flag and extremely hesitant to consider making a booking. Not that I am saying that being professionally recognised makes you a good therapist but at least it provides a degree of security regarding the person you are letting come into your home.
I would also add that making a booking with a therapist who is health fund accredited for remedial massage also adds further legitimacy and you credibility to the person who you will, in effect, be taking your clothes off for!
I am registered with most health funds as a provider of remedial massage and can supply you with my registration number for your fund if you would like to check.

3. What equipment will you bring?
I’ve heard of people making bookings for a mobile massage with the expectation that the therapist will be bring a massage table, oils and towels, only for them to be faced with a “therapist” who has turned up empty handed when they answer the door. They explain that they will be massaging them on their bed…….seriously….
If this happens to you then politely don’t invite them in and just shut the door. It is virtually impossible to give an effective massage on a normal bed and I’d be questioning what type of massage the therapists expects to be giving in this situation.
I bring a massage table, towels, oils, bolsters, music player and all the equipment I need to provide effective massage.

Other questions that you may wish to ask include:

  • What guarantees do you provide?
  • Will you arrive on time?
  • How long will the massage be? and finally
  • What is the price?



The massage industry is not regulated in Sydney as in theory virtually anyone can call themselves a massage therapist so it is important to ask all or most of these questions of a potential mobile massage therapist so that you can be reasonably confident about the person you are inviting into your home to give you a massage.

Hopefully the information provided on my site is complete enough for you to be able consider using me as your mobile massage therapist. The fact that I receive online bookings from new clients who I have never even spoken to, does provide me with a degree of confidence that I am.

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