Online Booking for Mobile Massage in Sydney

Online Booking for Mobile Massage in Sydney

Through my website then there is a ability to book a mobile massage
in Sydney with me in real-time without the need to phone, text or email
me.  My calendar is visible and, once you
are registered, then with a few clicks your booking is secured.

If you want to receive email or text confirmation and/or a
reminder prior to your massage, then those are options available to you. 

The link for my online booking site is at

To check availability and book then all you need do is click on the “Book Now” link towards top of screen, click on the “Book” button next to my name, select length of massage time that you are looking for and the available times will be displayed.

Email enquiries are
not online booking

When I visit other sites and apps that have large banners proclaiming
“Book Online Now”, the reality is that many of them are not offering what they
say they are.  You are not making an
online booking, merely sending an email or message to them with your preferred
time and later then you will receive an email, call or text confirming that
your preferred time is available (or not depending on therapist availability).    

I’ve never used such a service and I would suspect that for
many of the confirmations might be quite quick. 
But the fact that there is still a time-lag before any appointment is
confirmed for me is a bit of a turn-off – I’m likely to turn my attention to
another activity so might not be available to be checking for confirmations.

I know that I am biased but if you want the instant
guarantee that a booking is secured then real-time online booking is the way to

As an aside, this type of booking is certainly more common with massage clinics and studios in Sydney and my whinge is primarily aimed at other mobile massage provider’s false promotion of online booking.  The only caveat I would like to add is that I do not provide a Sydney wide mobile massage service – for information about whether I’m likely to visit your suburb or not then please visit 

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