Massage for Women

Massage for Women

Relaxation, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Swedish

Mobile Massage Sydney

I provide mobile massage for women (and men) in Sydney in their own home or hotel (including the Sydney CBD).  I offer a range of massage styles and modalities from relaxation/Swedish through to sports and deep tissue male massage for women Sydney.  For more information then please call me on 0434 631 987, complete the webform below or check out my online booking site for real-time booking.

massage for women


Sydney Massage for Women – Male Therapist

Women receiving a massage will typically fall into a number of categories:
• those who will only see a female therapist
• those who don’t care about the gender of the therapist. All they want is to receive a quality relaxation or remedial massage
• those who prefer to be massaged by a male therapist (often because they prefer a stronger/deeper massage).

Of the women who do prefer to receive massage and bodywork from a male massage therapist for female near me in Sydney, they often point to the greater strength that male therapists normally apply when compared with females. Fluffy, day spa types massages just don’t cut it with some females.  This is particularly relevant if they have had a fair amount of bodywork. A significant proportion of women I massage fall into this category. Others just prefer to receive a fully relaxing massage.

Some women may be put off from having a male massage for women in Sydney for a number of reasons.  They may be self-conscious and not sure if they wish to be naked or semi-naked in front of a stranger.  Some are concerned about body image or their age. Some may be concerned about what their husband would feel about a male giving a massage to his wife.

If you are reluctant to book an appointment because of your shape, size or age, for example, please consider that I have yet to massage what society may consider to be a ‘perfect’ body.

The clients on my table are provided with massage which is respectful and without judgement. What you choose to wear or not wear for the massage (eg leaving underwear on or nude) is your decision. If you just want to experience being massaged where your boundaries are recognised and respected, then feel free to send me a message or give me a call. If at any time during a massage, you are uncomfortable and not able to relax then you can stop the session.  In which case there will be no charge.

If you have any questions or would like more information about booking then please call/text me on 0434 631 987


Making a booking

If you have never had a massage from a male before but are interested in finding out more then please give me a call or send me a message on 0434 631 987.

My standard rate for one hour home massage within my service area is $120 (as at January 2022).  However, depending on your location a discount may be available for first time clients – just submit your information at “New Client Offer” if you would like a new client discount.

I am available seven days a week. Online bookings are available through Ezybook (although please check my service area to make sure that I am available for your suburb).

Please note that my remedial and deep tissue massage for women services are available for men. However, full body relaxation massages are available for women. Sorry but I do not take bookings from men who wish to book their wife/partner a ‘surprise’ massage.
Please call, text or complete the form below if you would like to make a booking or if you require any further information
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