Price Comparison between my Sydney Mobile Massage Service and Blys

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As at November 2022 it is probably reasonable to say that Blys (Getblys) are the main provider of mobile massage in Sydney. This is for a very good reason in that they have a team of vetted therapists who may be available for mobile massage at short notice.

When they first began providing mobile massage then their rates were certainly competitive with the established providers.

I hadn't checked their prices for a while until recently when a client mentioned that the prices for Blys were significantly higher than mine, particularly for remedial massage.

In addition, the add-ons and surcharges they apply can easily mount up if you are after anything other than a Swedish massage, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Comparison of Surcharges

Processing Fee

Blys charge a "small" 5% processing fee to run their platform - my processing fee is zero (even if you prefer to pay by credit card).

Type of Massage

Blys add a fee of $10 per hour per therapist for remedial, sports, pregnancy and deep tissue massage. My rate is a flat fee based on time regardless of your particular massage requirements.

No parking or only metered parking

Blys surcharge is $20 per therapist - I will only charge what I need to pay for any meters.

Hotel parking

Blys surcharge is a flat $30 per therapist - again I will charge what I need to pay, sometimes will be less than $30 but occasionally may be more.

Evening Appointments

Blys will add $20 per therapist for appointments between 6-9pm. I do not add a surcharge for evening massages bookings between 6 and 9pm.

Weekend Appointments

Blys will add $20 per therapist for appointments on Saturdays and Sundays - I do not add a weekend surcharge.

Example Prices Comparing Richard Lane Massage and Blys

All the examples below assume that there are no parking surcharges required.

Swedish Massage - 60 minutes - weekday daytime
Blys - $124.95
Richard Lane Massage - $120

Remedial/Deep Tissue/Pregnancy Massage - 60 minutes - weekday evening
Blys - $156.45
Richard Lane Massage - $120

Remedial/Deep Tissue/Pregnancy Massage - 90 minutes - weekend
Blys - $198.48
Richard Lane Massage - $160

Hopefully the examples have indicated that if the price is a driver in your decision making process then my rates are consistently lower than Blys. However, I am an advocate that price should rarely be a primary factor in the decision making process. A cheaper ineffective massage is probably more of a drain on someone's budget than a more expensive that satisfies all your goals.

For balance I should mention that the service that Blys provides may offer some advantages over making a booking with me.

- they have more therapists so if you are time constrained, then they will be more likely to be able to meet your goal (please feel free to check my online diary as I often have same-day availability).
- if you are after a simulataneous couples massage then they are more likely to be able to provide 2 therapists at same time (I can occasionally offer this service with therapists I know but generally would require a day or twos notice).
- you may prefer to be massaged by a female therapist. Not much I can do about that if that is your preference. In this case Blys may be your best alternative although feel free to call me as I am in contact with female therapists who I am more than happy to recommend.
- Blys sometimes have discounts of around $10 off for first booking with them so check out coupon sites if this relevant to you.

A common marketing model is the cost-time-quality triangle. Typically in a purchasing situation you can choose two out of three. So if you are after a cheap prompt massage then it may not be good. If you are after a good prompt massage then it may not be cheap. And if you are after a cheap good massage then it may not be prompt. This article argues that my service is less expensive than Blys but Blys may be able to provide a swifter service.

With respect to quality of massage then I'm probably not the best to judge. The anecdotes I've heard have been less than complimentary about some of the massages provided by Blys therapists (eg on phone during session, arriving late, getting client to carry equipment from therapist's car, etc). Although should mention, the people who are happy with the Blys massage service are probably more likely to continue using Blys rather than switching and hence less likely that I would hear the favourable reviews.

I am confident in the quality of my own service to the extent that I offer an unconditional money back guarantee.