The Advantages of Having a Mobile Massage in Sydney

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It's not hard to get a massage in Sydney these days. Within most suburbs there are multiple options with seemingly new massage clinics/spas popping up at ever increasing frequencies. However, arguably this proliferation of options may make it harder to find a good therapist or a therapist who is right for you.

One massage option that you may not have considered when searching for a good massage in Sydney is to book a therapist who comes to you. Whilst not everyone would consider the concept of having a mobile therapist visit them, there are a number of advantages which may make booking a mobile massage the right choice for you (and there a number of other benefits of booking a massage specifically with Richard).


The most obvious benefit of mobile massage is that convenience and the saving of time. Therapist arrives and sets up; you have your massage; therapist packs up and leaves. You save travel time, you don't have to wait around in a waiting room for the massage to start and you can relax in the confines of your home immediately after the massage finishes. No need to worry about driving and parking - the therapist takes care of that. No need to worry about putting good clothes on oil covered skin after the massage - you can simply throw on a robe and jump in the shower if you want.

Another reason why people book mobile massage is that they literally cannot find an opportunity to get out of the house to go to a clinic. For some busy parents with child-care responsibilities, having a massage at home means that they can keep their eye on their children (or even better time the massage for when baby is sleeping). For people who are busy with their work or sporting activities, having to make another trip during the week to get the bodywork they need, is just a leap too far. For many, if it's too hard to do then it just won't happen. Most mobile therapists are flexible with their schedules and may be likely to offer evening/weekend appointments.

Another advantage is that you are being massaged in your own space, you can control the environment and the ambiance. If you like a massage room to be warm then that is within your control. You can play whatever music you want (or none if silence is your preference). If you want to have the tv on, you can (& yes some people do).

Specific benefits of booking a Sydney mobile massage with Richard

Availability. I am potentially available seven days and evenings a week and can be available at relatively short notice, depending on your location. (please note though that I do not provide a Sydney wide service). You can check in real-time his current availability by checking his online booking diary here - times in green are when he is available. I don't work in a clinic and so my commitment is 100% as a mobile therapist, not torn between clinic and mobile responsibilities.

Cost. Yes the price of a mobile massage may be a little more than seeing an equivalent therapist at a clinic but when you consider the time you save and the cost of driving/parking then I would argue that, for the convenience, then the price is more than competitive.

And if more than one person books, then the price per massage comes down. Check out the prices for more information.

An hour's massage is an hour's massage. Ever had a session where you arrive, discuss your requirements, undress, wait for massage to begin, dress at the end, pay and then notice that you are leaving the clinic exactly one hour after you arrived. When you book a massage with me, the clock starts when I first put my hands on you and, for a one hour appointment, you will receive at least one hour of hands on time.

Reliability. Except for very rare events outside of my control, I will arrive at the scheduled time. I'm aware of other therapists who think that an appointment at say 3pm means that they can arrive anytime from 2.40 to 3.20pm. I would estimate that 95% of the time I will arrive within 5 minutes of the agreed appointment time. I would never be 10 minutes early and if I am going to be more than 10 minutes later than agreed time because, say of heavy traffic outside of my control, then I will text or call you to let you know.

Experience. Regardless of all the other advantages listed, the skill and ability of the mobile therapist to meet your requirements is of over-riding importance. I am an experienced therapist who has been providing mobile massage services for more than 10 years. He is registered with all health funds as a provider of remedial massage (although please note that most health funds no longer accept that mobile massage is eligible for rebate for remedial massage). In addition, he offers an unconditional guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your massage then there is no charge. Click here for more information.

Now I know that not every home is suitable for having a mobile massage and individual living circumstances may mean that there is just too much disruption or household disturbances that mean that you would not be able to fully relax by having a massage at home. However, for most people, the advantages of mobile massage described here may be a compelling reason for you to book a massage with Richard.