Preparing for your mobile massage with Richard Lane

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If you have never had a massage in your own home then you may be a little unsure of what normally happens and how you can best prepare for the session. Hopefully the information here will give you some pointers so that you can get the maximum benefit from your appointment with me.

The most important thing to remember is that the massage is for your benefit and there is no need to be stressed or worried about things in advance of your massage. It doesn't worry me if the house is not tidy, I'm there to give you a massage not check out your housekeeping skills. So long as I have enough space to work in then that is all I need. If the dishes haven't been done, or there are clothes on the floor then so be it - it won't have any bearing on how the massage will go.

Try to avoid rushing too much before the appointment and give yourself 10-15 minutes before the massage so that when I arrive to set up then you have already begun the process of relaxing. If you are not sure of your timings when making an appointment I would suggest booking a little after the earliest you may be available just in case you are held up in traffic for example if you are normally home at around 6.30pm and then booking for 6.45 or 7pm just gives you that little bit of wiggle room to cater for unforeseen delays.

Most people will have a shower before the massage particularly if they have been rushing around, exercising or at work during the day. A warm shower may even start the process of muscle relaxation and can improve the overall outcome for the session. However, this is up to you.

When I arrive, I will set up the table in a suitable area. Whilst a quiet, private space in the house is generally preferred sometimes space considerations may override. In order to give the best possible massage, then I do prefer to be able to move freely around the table but, if there are alternative spaces in the house that may be options for your massage, then we can discuss this at the time of the appointment.

For winter appointments, making sure that the room is well heated is always recommended as you can cool down significantly when you are on the table.

If you are after remedial massage then you will be asked to complete a health information form whilst I am setting up. We will have a chat about any issues and specific requirements you may have for the massage. I may ask you if there are areas you specifically want to be included or excluded from the massage and what is your preferred pressure or style of massage.

Feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have.

Richard Lane - Sydney Mobile Massage Therapist

I generally carry a music player so that music can be played depending on your preference. If you prefer silence then that's fine (or some people prefer to leave the television on - entirely up to you).

I will leave the room while you undress and once you are ready on the table then the massage can begin.