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I have trained in Level 1 Heartworks Lomi Lomi but, I have to be honest, that since training the number of these massages that I have performed have been relatively uncommon. A few clients that I see will occasionally request a Lomi Lomi massage for relaxation rather than a Swedish or remedial massage, but it is probably safe to say that they are exception rather than the rule (although having said that, once they have experienced my Lomi Lomi massage then they occasionally request them again for following appointments). I do not provide Lomi Lomi massage to new clients.

If you have received a number of Lomi Lomi massages before or you are after a long Lomi Lomi massage (such as a 2 hour appointment) then I have to be upfront that I don't believe that I would be the right therapist for you. For your requirements, I think that it would be better for you to find a therapist for whom Lomi Lomi massage is their main modality. Most of the massages I provide are remedial, sports, pregnancy, deep tissue or Swedish. Whilst I stand by my Lomi Lomi massage, it is probably more suited to someone who has not had Lomi Lomi before and is just after an introduction to the technique in the comfort of their Sydney home.

In order to provide a flowing relaxing Lomi Lomi massage then there does need to be a fair amount of room to work in. If the space where you live is constrained then it does impact on how the massage is given. Also because the client is lying on the table nearly undraped for the Lomi Lomi massage then the room needs to be very warm so that the recipient does not get cold during the session. (Nb The standard draping for Lomi Lomi is that the groin area is covered but that is all for most of the massage. The remainder of the body is undraped. This is necessary given the long flowing strokes full length body strokes that are integral to the massage).

Please note, it is important that your home or hotel can provide sufficient space for me to work in which (in winter) can be adequately heated in order for me to give a Lomi Lomi type massage.

Be aware that a Lomi Lomi massage is not the same as a Kahuna massage. A Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage uses the hands as the main massage tools with long fluid and rhythmic strokes. The intent of the massage is for relaxation and as such there is generally no deep tissue massaging incorporated and it is suited to both female massage recipients and males. A Kahuna massage is much more dynamic experience. A Kahuna practitioner will unsually incorporate forearms and maybe even elbows and often will be massaging both the back and the front of the body at the same time to provide physical and spiritual relief.

Mobile Lomi Lomi massage in Sydney

If you would like to enquire about making an appointment with me or would just like more information then by all means please call me on 0434 631 987 or use the email form on the contact page. Please do not use online booking as I do prefer speaking to you ahead of any lomi lomi session as it not a modality I offer new clients.