How Often Should I Book a Massage?

This is a question that I am frequently asked by clients for which the obvious answer is as often as you can afford the money and the time. However, this glib response isn't particularly helpful but the correct answer will depend on your particular circumstances, with respect to your budget, your health, how you feel and what you are particularly looking for from a massage. An optimum frequency for you will most likely vary at different times depending upon specific injuries, your exercise regime and/or your general level of stress.

The key factor that determines how often you should get a massage is to ask what is the reason for you getting a massage in the first place. If it is to address chronic pain then it is likely that you will need to have a number of sessions within a relatively short period of time to assess how effective Richard's massage is at reducing your pain levels. For example, for an ongoing issue such as lower back pain or neck tightness then you may require weekly massages for about a month before (hopefully) being able to spread the sessions out to fortnightly and beyond. (please note that your health is the priority and if Richard considers that your progress would be best served by an alternative modality or therapist then he will not hesitate to make such a recommendation).

If you are purely after relaxation to destress then it's not unlikely that you will only book a massage very occasionally (and you may prefer to try a different therapist each time as well).

If you seek massage therapy to help you manage stress and the impact that stress has on your body then you may just book when you start to feel that the tension in your body is starting to climb such that it is starting to become an issue for your health and day to day quality of life. Alternatively many people just find a natural frequency that works for them and many people have a set schedule, be it fortnightly or monthly for example.

Those who are in training for an event will often increase the frequency of their sessions as their particular event approaches and it is not uncommon to have weekly massages in the weeks immediately prior (and then often one after as a recovery/reward massage). Pregnancy massage can be thought of in a similar vein; many women move from monthly massages in the first half of their pregnancy through to fortnightly in the third trimester and finally weekly as the due date approaches.

One of the advantages of having a mobile massage therapist, such as Richard, is that finding time for a massage is much less of an issue than if you had to go to a Sydney clinic or spa. It is a lot easier to have a regular slot in your busy schedule if the therapist is coming to you.

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