Health Fund Remedial Massage in Sydney

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Most health funds in Australia will provide a rebate for mobile remedial massage so long as you have extras cover with the fund and that the massage is performed by an accredited therapist (the exceptions being Medibank, AHM and some funds within ARHG). I am registered with all major health funds (I am not registered as a provider with some smaller ARHG associated funds) and can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your fund in order to claim your rebate if you book for a remedial massage.

So not only can you receive great massage in the comfort of your own home but your health fund may provide you with a rebate as well depending on your level of cover.

Health Fund accredited remedial massage therapist

Please note though that it is not currently possible to claim a HICAPs rebate from mobile therapists. HICAPs is generally only available through a fixed landline. However, most health funds will allow you to claim online so you still may not need to leave your home in order to receive your rebate.

In addition, rebates are not available if you are staying in a hotel or if you are visiting someone else, the remedial massage is required to be at your home.

Health Funds Covered




− Grand United


− Australian Unity

− Manchester Unity

− and most other funds

Health Funds That May Not Cover Mobile Remedial Massage

− Medibank Private


− Funds within ARHG (including Defense Health and Teachers Health Fund)

Please note:

I am a registered provider with Medibank and AHM but as of April 2017 they have announced that they no longer recognise mobile massage services as being recognised for health fund rebates. If you are with either of these funds then you will not be able to claim for a remedial massage in your own home. In addition, some funds within the ARHG group (which includes Defense Health and Teachers Health Fund) may not accept receipts for mobile remedial massage and you should contact your health fund directly to clarify whether you will be able to claim a rebate for mobile remedial massage if you are in a fund within the ARHG group.
There are some smaller health funds that I am not registered with.

If you wish to confirm that you can claim a rebate (and how much you should actually receive) then I would suggest that you contact your health fund directly. All health funds have different levels of cover and even within the same fund, the amount of rebate can vary depending on your own particularly policy. In addition, a claimable receipt is only issued specifically for remedial massage services and the receipt can only be issued in the name of the person receiving the massage. For example, if you 'gift' a massage to someone, then a receipt will be issued in their name should it be required.

If you would like to make a booking with an experienced health fund accredited massage therapist, then I am available seven days a week. Online bookings are available through Ezybook (although please check my service area to make sure that I am available for your suburb).