As a mobile massage therapist in Sydney then coming up with a pricing structure that is fair and reasonable is a challenge. There a number of variables that need to be taken into account. These include:

  • How close you are to me
  • Time of day you would like the massage
  • Tolls/ease of parking
  • How busy I am at the specific time you’d want a massage
  • On my main website I have a time-based price structure quoted – the base line price displayed on that page is that I charge $100 for a one hour home massage assuming that you live within the area that I service. Massages in hotels are slightly highly and parking costs need to be added to the total fee.

    However, this rate may be negotiable.

    "Anti-Surge" Pricing

    Uber uses a surge charging model to charge more at times of peak demand. I am open to entertaining the opposite concept and am willing to negotiate a price that both you and I are happy with. This will depend on the factors listed above so that if you live close to where I am so that my travel time to you is limited and/or I can travel to you at a time that the roads are quiet then I’m prepared to consider rates lower than $100 per hour (as an introductory rate). How busy I am at the time you’d like to book will be a factor as well in how flexible I will be with respect to my mobile massage prices.

    If you are interested in discussing how flexible I can be with my rates then please give me a call on 0434 631 987 or use this enquiry form and mention that you have seen this “anti-surge” pricing page.

    Please do not hesitate to contact Richard if you have any questions to any information presented on this blog. Any information, advice, recommendations, statements or otherwise contained herein, or in any other communication made by or attributed to Richard Lane, whether oral or in writing, is not intended to replace or to be a substitute for medical advice trained by a trained physician or healthcare practitioner.
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